Frequently asked questions - mediCAD® Classic

The mediCAD user manual is available in digital form. Please press the F1 key on your keyboard. Alternatively, klick on the question mark in the mediCAD menu bar. You can find the user manual under menu item “Help”.

In the mediCAD menu bar, select FILE, then SETTINGS and then SCALING. You can now choose the required scaling mode and enter the diameter of the reference sphere in mm.

Please select the manufacturer you don’t need and perform a right click with the mouse. Select HIDE ITEM. The manufacturer will not be displayed any longer. At the end of the manufacturer list, you can see a small arrow symbol, containing the hidden elements.

Please click on the “+” button in the implant tool. You can now automatically add another element.

Please select menu item OSTEOSYNTHESIS (or PLATES/NAILS) in the planning tool. You can find further implants there.

Without regard to the subsequent resection, please draw a line through the femoral neck, then define a polygon image area. Finish drawing the polygon with a right click of the mouse.

This is an optional function only, in case of an inherent malposition or if the x-ray is not ideal due to a less cooperative patient.

This requires a cut femur and the selection of one single neck length (head center). Using the function REPOSITION OF SHAFT/PROSTHESIS, click on the crosshairs of the femoral neck. The program automatically captures the prosthesis center, when moving the cursor of the mouse towards it. CAUTION: Please always zoom in, in order to avoid a wrong reposition.

Using the function “KNEE BASE TIBIA WITH FUJISAWA POINT”, additionally to the tibial knee base center a second point (Fujisawa point) is drawn. It is displayed as an “X”. This point is lateral at 62% of the mediolateral tibial plateau and defines the 3° overcorrection. The center line (Mikulicz line) is later drawn through this point.

Define the line by 2 points in the same way you would perform the resection intraoperatively. With the third point, the rotation center for OPEN WEDGE or CLOSED WEDGE is defined.